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Typically when we think about propane we think of gas grills, generators, water heaters, or furnaces. But there are also some very different uses that most people don’t even realize. Some are actually pretty funny and interesting!

Hot Air Balloon

Yes! Can you believe it? When you see those giant balloons way up in the sky they are being powered by propane! We all know that hot air rises, so when the propane burner heats up the air that is getting trapped inside the big balloon… up, up, and away we go!


Those things that smooth and clean the ice skating ring for skaters and hockey players alike, those are called Zambonis! They are named for their inventor Frank J. Zamboni. Propane is the fuel of most Zambonis. It would take forever to try to smooth and clean the ice by hand! How cool is it that they run on propane?

Special Effects

Many of the explosions that we see in movies and while at theme parks are generated using a liquid form of propane. It is also used in something called a flame cannon! This is blowing our minds(no pun intended)!


You will find the use of propane on the construction site as well! Over 600,000 forklifts are propane powered. They also use propane heaters to warm building that are being built currently. There are also several other uses for propane on a construction site!


Most people don’t realize that there are vehicles that run on propane. Many large fleets are switching to propane such as busses, trucks, and equipment! Propane vehicles are more hardy, they last longer, the are more economical on gas, and they are more environmentally friendly.


Wait… I thought propane was for heating stuff up? That is true but it is also used for refrigerators. You can get regular home ones that work off of propane but they also make huge commercial refrigerators! Because of this being a cheaper source of energy many people are switching to it.

Pool and Spa Heating

Because of the heating efficiency and its economical purposes many people have started using propane pool and spa heaters. Many hotels have realized this and have started to utilize propane in their pools and jacuzzis.

On the farm

Most people have never heard of thermal agriculture, this is used to keep crops warm, help them grow, keep pests off of the plants, and helps dry plants that are supposed to be dried later. It makes it possible to for some crops to be grown year round. Many farms also use industrial dryers for certain crops. Many farms also use  propane brooders for their animals. Many different types of farm equipment also run on propane. Propane has so many interesting uses on a farm.

Gaming Guns

It was discovered that when you mix propane with a certain type of silicon it makes  a very strong propellant. This new type of fuel is called “green gas’, it is growing in popularity! 

We think that propane is extremely interesting. Not only can it be used in your home, in your business, in commercial and industrial properties, and on the farm but also has so many strange and random uses. For more information on propane use in your like feel free to contact CoEnergy Propane.