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With the weather getting warmer and the nights getting longer we have outdoor propane accessories on our mind. We love outdoor entertainment at CoEnergy Propane and we have a variety of propane fire pits and so much more. Whenever you’re contemplating adding a little flame to your outdoor living space, the first considerations should be safety-related, and that starts with location.

Your propane fire pit needs to be located away from overhanging tree branches or shrubs, and it should sit on a solid, non-flammable surface if possible. Avoid wooded areas or dry grass, and wherever you place your propane fire pit, make sure there’s a water source and a fire extinguisher nearby.

Once you’ve chosen a location, it’s time to choose a design. Coenergy Propane has a selection of outdoor fireplaces for your outdoor entertainment, from traditional, rustic designs to curvy, modern shapes. Bowl shapes are popular, as they also may allow for an attractive, rounded cover on top of the propane fire pit.

Whatever design you settle on, you can choose to design the pit yourself, hire a contractor to install it, or purchase it ready-made from a store. Once you’ve installed your propane fire pit, the greatest benefit is that there’s no need to handle or chop wood for it. You can turn on your fire pit with the flick of a switch and bask in the glow of your newly warm and cozy outdoor living space. Propane is convenient and a fun way to enjoy your outdoor space.