In most markets, like here in Oregon , you have two types of propane gas companies to choose from:

  • A Local Propane Company
  • Regional National Giant

Do you support a local business with great customer service? Or do you rely on the “big tank” company’s national reputation?

Local Propane Companies Deliver Better Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints we hear when a new customer is leaving a “big tank” company is that they got lost in the shuffle. Their questions weren’t answered. Their messages weren’t returned. Too many customer of national propane companies come to expect poor customer service.

Small, local companies are known to deliver more personalized, attentive customer service. Because our business depends on it. With a small propane company, your calls are answered by a person, not an answering machine. Your problems are passed to the right person and solved. We love to get to know our customers and take care of their unique needs. CoEnergy Propane is a great way to get the propane and customer service that you need and want.

Advertising low prices then hiking up the rates after the first fill up is a shady but common practice many national propane companies adopt. And in general, large propane companies have the ability to hike up propane prices even higher than seasonal norms because of their expansive customer base.

With local propane companies, you are more likely to receive a steady, fair price that reflects the current market price of propane. CoEnergy Propane is happy to offer Pre-Buy programs for our customers so that your propane price won’t go up. We are happy to be able to be your hometown propane provider that will give you a quality product at a low price.