Did you know that Benton County Police Department has converted most of their patrol vehicles over to propane and CoEnergy Propane has done the conversions.  Sheriff Scott Jackson has announced that most of his department’s patrol vehicles will be refitted with a dual fuel system, allowing them to run on either conventional gas or propane. We have worked to convert the police vehicles over the last couple years and this has offered a cost effective and more efficient solution for Benton County Police Department.

The Benton County commissioners authorized spending up to $84,000 on the conversion of the sheriff’s several Ford Crown Victorias and Chevy Tahoes, one Ford Expedition, an F-150 pickup and a Ford van. The vehicles will use gasoline to start up and immediately switch to propane. And if they run out of propane for any reason,  they’ll switch back to gasoline. Overall, the sheriff’s office expects to save $15,000 a year in fuel expenses.

Propane prices stay low for many reasons, one being that propane is an American made product and that means that it avoids the price hikes that traditional gas experiences. Coenergy propane also offers pre-buy programs for the winter when propane prices can spike. This program allows you to buy propane ahead of time and keep the same price throughout.

Propane results in less CO2 and other exhaust gases and this is a great move for the Benton County Police Force as it means that they are doing their part in helping protect the environment. Propane provides the force vehicles with the same power in their vehicles such as power, range and reliability. The beauty of a propane conversion with a dual fuel conversion is that you can always switch over to the gasoline reserve. 

CoEnergy Propane is proud to have been able to do these conversions for the Benton County and all of our personal CoEnergy vehicles also run on propane. If you are interested in a propane conversion for your car, give us a call.  We would love to give you an estimate and help you to understand the process.