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Propane Stoves

Cooking can be tricky so when it comes to stoves the easier the better. We want to be able to have as much control of our heat sources as possible to make the perfect temperature! Because using a gas stove gives you so much more control over 95% of professional chef’s use gas powered stoves. If you are wanting to switch over to a gas stove please consider switching over to a propane powered gas stove! Here are some reasons why propane is superior!


As mentioned above it it’s much easier to control the heat on a gas stove. You can go from full rolling boil to a slow simmer in seconds with gas. With an electric stove this is not a possibility because of the coils that and electric stove uses. This can make it very tough to cook your food evenly without burning it. When you are using an electric stove you must use flat bottom pans. With a gas powered stove you can use more curved pans such as a wok or even your super old warped pans! Plus, with a gas stove you immediately get the temperature from your heat source that you want, with an electric stove it can take several minutes to heat up. An electric stove also often stays hot for much longer after being done cooking. This can be a potential hazard to anyone that is unaware that the stove was just being used or small children. The control that you have is a huge plus, a propane powered stove is definitely the way to go!


Cost is always a very important factor in buying anything really. It costs, on average, about half as much to run a propane powered stove vs an electric stove. Yes, you read that correctly. I couldn’t believe it either when I was researching but it is true. If you are someone that loves to cook, this could be a large bill you get to cut! Everyone like to save money on their monthly bills right? On the plus side, most gas and electric stoves cost about the same amount. This makes it very easy to decide on which one you would like to buy! Now you just have to decide which is better for you!

Can Do More

This sounds good but it’s TRUE. There are just some things that you cannot do with an electric stove that you you can do with a propane powered stove. Some of The things that you can do with a propane stove that you cannot do with an electric stove include: charring, toasting, and flambéing. These techniques are only possible on a gas top. So if these are things that you interested in doing then a gas stove is the way to go. Also, propane gas heats more evenly. This comes in very handy especially when baking. With propane gas you are less likely to have hot spots! Sounds like a simple way to improve your cooking!

These are just a few reasons why using a propane stove is a very great choice. Whether you are a novice at cooking or you are a well seasoned chef (no pun intended) then choosing a gas propane stove to cook on will make your life easier. If you have any questions about propane or propane accessories then give us a call at CoEnergy Propane!