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Tips For New  Propane Users

Have you finally decided to take the plunge and become a propane user? That is great to hear because there are so many benefits to using propane over other energy sources. If you are a new propane user then there are some new things for you to learn about it. From handling to storing to keeping your tank full, there can be some things to figure out. If you are a novice then here are some simple tips that will be useful for you!


Always play it safe when it comes to handling anything flammable. Safety is always king! Some simple rules to follow when it comes to storing your propane include not leaving tanks in your car or storing tanks inside. Never have an open flame around tanks. Do not ever bring a propane appliance into your home that is meant to be used outside. The great thing about propane is that it has several safety  features built in. It has the smell added to it so that we can know if it is leaking as well! It is important to familiarize yourself with what it smells like. We always want to be safe and using propane is actually extremely safe!

Pick a Company

One thing that is important is picking a propane company that will work for your personal needs. Some companies only service residential whereas some focus on commercial properties. Some company allowed for programs that they automatically come and fill your tanks monthly. Some companies will let you pay for what you use. For example if you own a rental company you can get meters on each of your units so you can charge each one for what they use! This is very convenient.  You can also rent or buy your tanks. You can have above ground or below ground tanks. There are so many options! Call around and ask each local supplier if they have what you are looking for!


It is important to always keep your tank accessible. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow make sure that you keep the area around your tank shoveled for easy access. If you will have a servicing scheduled then be kind and make a clear path for the company to access the tank easily. Always keep plants from growing onto your tank and keep debris away from it. This is very important so that your tank can be serviced properly!

Keep Track

If you are not getting your tanks serviced automatically them make sure that you actually remember to keep track of your usage. You definitely don’t want to go start cooking dinner one evening only to discover that you are out of propane. That would be a major issue. So remember to check your gauge regularly. Always fill up before there is going to be a storm!

I’d you are brand new to using propane don’t fret! It is extremely easy to use! It might be slightly more work than electrical but it definitely pays off for you financially. If you have any question about Propane or Propane accessories then give us a call at CoEnergy Propane!