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What Will You Do With Your Tax Refund?

It’s an exciting time of year, we all look forward to getting our tax refunds back! Sometimes we have great ideas and big plans for our Tax refunds before we get them. But before you blow it on a bunch of junk maybe we should dig deeper and really give some thought to what would be a good investment for you. Sometimes it’s easy to go buy a nice new big screen TV or go on a trip but sometimes a more prudent choice can be a better idea long term. Here are some great ideas on what you should use your tax refund.


Maybe you have been thinking about going some upgrades in you life? Well now is a good chance to do so. You may even be able to get a matching set of new appliances depending on the size of your refund. If you are thinking about getting some good, hardy, long lasting appliances then consider switching over to propane. Propane appliances are known for having a longer life than electric appliances. What a great thing to invest in!

Down Payment?

Are you anxiously waiting to become a homeowner? Now would be a great time to try to buy a home using your tax refund as some of you down payment! If you qualify for some loans they require only a minimal down payment. Some even allow for no down payment!

It would also be a great time to think about buying a new propane powered vehicle! Yes, they do commercially sell propane powered vehicles. They are more sturdy than other vehicles and they last longer! Plus propane is much cheaper than gasoline! What a great way to spend your tax refund!


Maybe you have the idea to improve your outdoor space at your home. Now would be a great time to do that. With Spring and Summer right around the corner you are going to really want to enjoy that space. You could put in a nice deck and get a beautiful seating set, maybe an outdoor kitchen that runs on propane. You could even invest in that propane powered Jacuzzi you have had your eye on! And for chilly evening make sure you include getting a patio heater or a really cool propane fire pit!

On Your Farm

Have you thought a lot about that new tractor or a building a new barn? Well now would be a great time to consider it. If it is something that will make your life easier during harvest then you’ll thank yourself later for you purchase today! Is your farm new to you? Maybe you are ready to get some animals? Build a barn, or at least start one! This is a great way to add to your farm and your livelihood! If you live on a cold climate them you should look into thermal agriculture to see what propane can do for you and your crops!

Plan a Family Trip

This may seem frivolous but we all need a little fun in our lives! Plus, the memories that you will make on this trip will last a lifetime! If you have little children make your trip fun and educational! Making memories and spending time with your loved ones is the best investment there is!

These are just some ways that you can spend your tax refund! If you have questions or are interested in finding out more about upgrading to propane then give us a call at CoEnergy Propane!