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Many of us see our outside spaces as some thing that we can only use for part of the year. For those of us that really love to be outside that can be saddening, especially if you have a small home and rely on that space. But now with the use of propane appliances and accessories we can enjoy our outdoor spaces all year long, if the weather isn’t too bad. How is this possible you may ask? Well in this article we will tell you how!


A Way to Stay Warm

It used to be pretty hard to manage to stay warm outside during the colder months. It is sometimes difficult to build a fire if it have been raining or snowing. If it is currently raining or snowing you don’t want to build a fire underneath cover for safety reasons. But now there are propane powered outside heaters! They are so nice to keep warm and comfortable! It is a great way for your guests to sit around and enjoy the beauty of winter without getting too cold. Another great propane powered outside winter accessory is a propane powered fireplace or fire pit for outside. These are great for once it has has been raining and it is hard to build a fire. You can still enjoy all the luxuries of a fire without all the work, ash, or a big clean up afterwards. All you have to do is hit a switch and done! This is a great way to keep the outside party going all winter long!



Grilling isn’t just for the summer! You can grill all year long with a propane grill! There is nothing more delicious than some fresh grilled food! Plus, a propane grill vs a charcoal grill you will spend much less time outside. A propane grill will start right up with the flip of a switch (practically). With a charcoal grill you must get the briquets going and wait for them to be ready to use. This is time consuming and honestly we don’t want to stand out in the cold and wait for it. That’s why it is so great to have a propane grill for cooking at your convenience all winter long. On to of that, you can always have the good conscious knowing that your propane grill in much cleaner burning than a charcoal grill!



One thing that can bring down a lot of people during winter is the fact that it gets dark early, which is another reason why we don’t spend a lot of time outside. You can use Propane for outside lighting. Not only can you use propane torches to light the outside but you can also use a small propane powered generator to run regular lights in you outdoor space! This make your outside space relaxing and very inviting!


Water Recreation

Water recreation, yes we are serious! Fun in water is not just limited to warmer months! You can get pool heaters that run off of propane! This will keep you nice and toasty when you want to go for a dip or swim some laps. If you want to stay super warm, then you can get a propane powered hot tub or spa, imagine sitting outside in the snow in a very comfortably heated hot tub. Propane can make this possible for you!


Propane can help keep your outside space enjoyable throughout the winter. Propane supplies heat with fireplaces and heaters, it provides food with a grill, it provides light, and it provides a good time enjoying the water. This is the perfect recipe to keep having fun all year long in your outside space! For more information on using propane in you outside spaces give CoEnergy Propane a call!