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On Sunday February 3rd one of the biggest American events will be taking place! That is the Super Bowl. It is one of the biggest party days of the year. Many people have lots of big parties to celebrate the big event with friends! If you want to have a  party to help celebrate the Super Bowl here are some helpful tips to help make that party one that they will be talking about for years! We will also tell you how prepare can help with making this event members for all involved!

Get it Started

Now that you are sure you want to have a party it is time to get planning. Make sure that you make a list and check it twice. Make sure that you invite your guests with ample time to RSVP. Once you know how many people are coming you can start planning food, drinks, and other activities!

Game Time Grub!

Yes, of course! Game time grub is super important! Food seems to be the thing that everyone remembers from parties so make sure yours is the best! What better use of propane then throwing some nice ribs or chicken wings on the grill to cook to as near perfection as possible! You can cook so much using your propane grill and other appliances. You can throw on some fresh veggies, make some kabobs, or even put a small pig on a spit.

If you have a propane grill that has a bonus burner it might be very helpful to use that rather than your stove top during the party. Using the outside burner will cut down on accidental burns especially if there are small children in the house on game day. The sky is the limit when it comes to using propane to prepare your game time grub for your Super Bowl Party.


You want to make this day memorable for all attendees! One great way to make it memorable is to decorate with football themed decorations. It’s a fun way to add a little bit more excitement. You can also make fun food plates shaped as football stadiums or even just footballs. It’s always fun to make things festive! Make sure that you have a TV in decent working order so that there are no mishaps on game day. Set up your home for there to be space for everyone to watch the game but also space for loitering, eating, and for children to play around.

If you are in an area that is suffering from severe weather this weekend make sure that you have your propane generators filled and you have extra propane stored. A generator might not keep the game on if the power goes out but it will certainly keep you and your guests warm and safe! Getting the inside of your home prepared for your Game Day party is one simple way to help create a memorable party experience.

Let’s take this outside…

It’s always nice to be able to optimize your outside space when you are having a large group of people over of having a party. With a Super Bowl party generally the Television is the spotlight of the day, however, not everyone enjoys spots. Many times people are invited to parties that aren’t necessarily interested in watching the big game. So it would make sense to set up a nice outdoor space for your other partygoers. You can set up a nice outdoor seating area that is heated with a propane outdoor heater. You could also use a nice propane fireplace outside that would make your guests feel welcome and warm. These are some ways that you could make your outdoors space work for you on game day!

Having a memorable time on game day is what we all want! So remember you have some fun too! Remember propane is a attribute to any party as well as your day to day life!

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