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If you love to grill-out and hang-out as much as we do here at Coenergy Propane. We look forward to helping you get the patio design and ease of use that you have always been wanting. Coenergy Propane has a showroom with a wide variety of patio products like propane grills, propane fire pits etc. We put together four must haves for your patio this year.

Fire pit. These have come down considerably in price in the past few years. They are now easy to put together and get going too, so don’t be intimidated about bringing a fire pit into your patio area. They add nice ambiance to the space and are also great for roasting marshmallows. Everyone will want an invite to your house when you tell them you’ve fired up the pit for the weekend.

A grill that suits your needs. The one thing we can agree on is that every patio needs a grill. Now how much you spend or what the grill can do is up to you. Either way, opt for grill that works for your needs only and resist overspending because you want to have the biggest grill on the block. CoEnergy Propane has a great selection of propane grills of all sizes and styles.

Touches of color. Make the outdoor space feel like home with touches of color for outdoor furniture, rugs or pillows. Make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your house.

Bug repellent lamps. There’s nothing fun about being outdoors if it means you are swarmed with mosquitos every five seconds. Make the most of your patio by preventing mosquitos and other bugs from taking over with a bug repellent lantern. Lanterns look nice in your outdoor space and its a plus to find ones that repel bugs as well.