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How Does Propane Measure Up?

There are so many uses of propane, you can literally run you whole home with it. We know that you can grill with it, heat your homes, run a generator, and many other things. It is true that propane will save you a lot of money on your monthly bills. There are also a good domestic supply here in the United States. One thing that many do not consider or know is how Propane compares to other energy sources? Well it turns out that propane is an extremely viable and environmentally friendly option.

Propane vs Electric
Propane is, without a doubt Cheaper than electric, this is a huge plus. Saving money on heating your home is a huge deal during the cold winter months. A propane heater also heats more quickly and efficiently then an electric heater. Electric also goes off during a power outage! During a power outage Propane can also run a generator, this can literally be a lifesaver! Propane furnaces also are known to last longer than electric. The power plants that make electricity are one of the top sources for greenhouse gases. Propane is extremely green and Approved by the Clean Air Act of 1990. Fifty-three thousand house fires are caused by faulty electrical. Propane, on the other hand, has a great safety record. Propane will not ignite when mixed with air unless it is heated all the way up to 940 degrees Fahrenheit. With all of these significant perks of propane it is clear cut a better choice for your home!

Propane vs Natural Gas
Propane is a type of natural gas however it is much different then the natural gas that is often used in homes. Natural gas is a greenhouse gas, it is fairly clean to burn but propane is consider to be more green burning because propane is nontoxic. Propane would be consideredv a more green fuel than Natural Gas. Propane also had more than twice as much energy as Natural Gas, it is much more efficient. Both gases are very similar but also very different. The fact that Propane is nontoxic and not damaging to the environment is a great reason to choose to use it in your home rather than natural gas.

Propane vs Gasoline Vehicles
Most people don’t even realize that there are vehicles that can run on propane! Much if the petroleum that we use to make Gasoline is imported from other countries. Many of these countries have unstable political conditions that can effect the prices of the petroleum. Most of propane that we use in the United States comes directly from right here in our own country! Using propane helps create security for our country. Also, a propane vehicle may cost more, but you will quickly make up for it because the cost of Propane is cheaper than gasoline. Propane vehicles are also tougher then gas run vehicles, the engine will last longer! You might have lower costs for maintaining your vehicles! Also, if you live on a very low temperature climate you will have less issues with getting your vehicle started when your vehicle runs on propane! Propane vehicles are definitely the green fuel options compared to gasoline and diesel, it gives of less pollution. So if you are looking for a good strong vehicle, that is cheap too maintain, and more environmentally friendly then switching to a propane vehicle would be a great option for you.

We have several choices when it comes to powering our homes and vehicles. Electric and natural gas might seem easier to use because it is already in most homes but when it really comes to what is best for your family, costs less, is environmentally friendly, and is safe then propane would be a great option.