You may be a person that uses their grill all year long and that is perfectly okay but just in case you dont have a covered area for your grill or you simply dont grill during the winter here are some tips for how to protect your grill from the weather.

  1. Store your propane safely – Unlike with gasoline, propane fuel doesn’t require any specific winterizing. Propane has the advantage of having an indefinite shelf life, so no stabilizers are required. Simply disconnect the tank from the grill after ensuring the vale is tightly closed, and store it outside, upright and covered. Never store a propane tank in your basement or garage — the safest place is outside in case of a leak. As with the burner and hoses, a simple piece of plastic taped over the inlet will ensure that nothing nests inside and blocks the propane flow.
  2. Get it cleaned. Grease and food residue will harden and be much more difficult to get off several months later. This can also attract mice and insects looking for a protected place to spend winter. The best thing to do after your last barbecue of the season is to heat up the grill to burn off any residue. Wash the grill of any remaining dirt and grime and if you use a chemical cleaner be sure to run the grill again on high to burn off any residue.
  3. Find an out-of-the way place in your garage or shed, or under a barbecue cover, for your grill to spend the winter months. If you’ve prepared your propane grill according to these winter storage tips, you should have no problem reassembling it in the spring when you’re eager to start grilling again. Even if you plan to grill all year long, going through the cleaning  process is a good thing to do to keep your grill working great all year long.