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Fall is here in Oregon. We get to enjoy watching the leaves fall and the temperature change as fall approaches. We love to watch the seasons change and with changing seasons come some new propane ideas!

Keep your patio nice and toasty:

A Propane patio heater can keep your patio nice and warm on cool fall evenings or  mornings. Patio heaters are available in sizes just right for your space. Adding patio heaters to your space make it possible to stay outside longer into the fall.  Most models offer adjustable temperature controls with features that ensure your safety.

A Propane powered fire feature adds warmth and ambiance to your space. Propane powered fire pits are a great way to add style to your outdoor area while keeping things easy and functional. You won’t smell like campfire after sitting around a propane powered fireplace.

Decorate your propane tanks. Around fall time, decorations start coming out. If you have your propane tank out front of your house or in an area that you usually decorate, add decorations to your tank rather than letting it stand out amongst your other decorations. These propane tank covers make your tank look like a part of your landscaping.

We hope you enjoy the season change and find many uses for your different propane accesories. Propane makes it possible to stay outside longer and enjoy fall from a cozy patio.