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We are all a fans of staying warm during the months that are cold! We are also all fans of saving money. Making sure that we are all energy efficient during the winter will help us do both. There are things that you can do around the house to make sure that you are not unnecessarily losing heat!


Switching to Propane

One thing that will save you a ton of money in the long run is switching to propane appliances. Not only can you get extremely efficient propane powered furnaces but there are several other appliances that you can get to run on propane. Propane powered furnaces work better because they push out the air at at higher temperature, thus heating your home more quickly and efficiently. Also, if the electricity goes out your home will still be heated! You can also use propane powered stoves, water heater, washers and dryers, and several other appliances. One thing that is great to have during the winter is a propane powered generator. In the case that power went out your propane generator will keep your whole home running like normal! Propane is a cheaper energy source than electric. Using propane during winter will make your monthly bills much cheaper.



One thing to check for every winter is that all of your insulation is intact. You should check your crawl spaces and attics to make sure all of your insulation is in good condition, if not then you should have it replaced. If you know that your insulation is old then you should have it checked by a profession and see if you need to have it replaced. While you are under your home check that all the vapor barrier is intact to keep moisture out of your home. Having good insulation will greatly reduce your heating bill no matter what your energy source is.



Another thing that you can do to keep you cost down is to install a programmable thermostat or a brand new Smart Thermostat. By having a programmable thermostat you can have it timed to be on when you want it or off when you want it to be. For example you don’t want your heater running all day while you are gone. If you install a Smart Thermostat then you can control your heat or air from an App on your phone remotely! This definitely cuts down on your heating bill.


Seal it up

If you have noticed that certain doors or windows in your home seem to have a draft then it is time to consider putting in some weather proofing or sealing it up somehow. You don’t want the heat that you are paying for literally going out the window. Also, if you still have single pane windows you might want to consider replacing them, having two pane windows will make your home much more energy efficient. If you have noticed any exterior cracks in your home you should seal them up. If you have any cracks or gaps in your foundation then these must be sealed up as well. This is very easy to do just with some canned spray insulation. Taking these steps will help your home be more energy efficient and keep you warmer for less!


These are just a few ways that you can try to keep your home warmer during the winter and also save yourself some cash. If you do all of these things and you are still struggling to keep your home at a comfortable temperature then it is time to have your furnace or you propane tank checked out by a professional. For all of your Propane questions or concerns contact CoEnergy Propane.