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Many police forces across the country are converting their vehicles to propane. Police officers use a lot of gas and don’t usually have very fuel efficient vehicles. Our police aren’t just fighting crime these days, some are helping in the fight for independence from foreign oil. And they’re saving money and the environment in the process. Here is a list of police forces that have made the conversion to propane and are loving it. With the kind of mileage police cars put on each year a conversion quickly pays for itself.

All of the Benton County Sheriff cars run on propane.

Raleigh, NC Police Department has converted 10 of its patrol cars to run on propane autogas,
Vermont, Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States Park Patrol are using propane for their vehicles.

Is your local police force using propane? If not send them on in to CoEnergy Propane to get their vehicles converted. CoEnergy Propane is proud to have converted Benton County’s police vehicles to propane.

If you have any questions about vehicle conversion to propane let us know, we would be happy to help you and start saving you money with propane.