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Propane Heaters and things to know about them.

Energy Efficiency
One positive aspect of propane furnaces is that they are more energy-efficient. Typically propane furnaces have a rating of 90 percent efficiency or higher, while other furnace types run at about 78 to 82 perfect efficiency. Depending on the manufacturer, propane furnaces waste only 10 percent of heat and when that waste is translated into dollars during the cold season, every percentage point saved is another dollar saved.

Propane furnaces come in three styles–central heating, wall units and combination heaters.

Wall units are small and traditionally used in mobile homes and other small homes where space conservation is key or for single use applications, such as providing heat for a small garage perhaps.

Central units are extremely efficient, often coming with a remote control that can power the unit from any location in the house.

Combination heaters are relatively new to the market and are designed for not only heating the home, but also providing propane fuel to other appliances, such as water heaters and outdoor grills. Combination heaters use the excess heat from the water heating and cycles it throughout the house, helping eliminate any energy waste and are typically the size of standard water heaters.

While the initial cost and set up may be slightly higher, the yearly savings in energy conservation, as well as potential tax credits may make the switch more sensible. Propane furnaces also generally have lower maintenance costs and have a longer life than those of traditional furnaces. Coenergy Propane is happy to offer pre buy programs and affordable propane for our community.

Health and Safety
Something very important to all of us when thinking about heating with propane are environmental health, personal health and safety risks. Propane furnaces burn cleaner than fuel oil furnaces, omitting fumes as well as eliminating potential health risks for the homeowners. As with most furnaces, there are risks of fire hazards, which can be reduced by frequent inspections of fuel lines. Propane furnaces, unlike wood furnaces, do not have messy ashes to clean and also save trees and the environment.

As you can see the positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to heating with propane. We can help you find the best heater for your needs.

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