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With the weather outside getting so cold and even hitting freezing temperatures one thing is on our minds: getting and staying warm! Whether we are spending all day outside working or just running errands in the cold we all want to come home to a nice warm house. So when you are thinking about great economical and environmentally friendly ways to warm your home this winter then it is time to start considering using propane in your home!


A great holiday gift to ask for is a propane furnace! Considering switching to a propane furnace is a great choice. Propane furnaces cost less to run than its electric counterpart! The Us Department of Energy says that using a Propane furnace over an Electric one will cut as much as  half of the price. No only does it cost less to run but if you happen to live in an area that suffers from multiple power outages during the winter it would be a great option. A propane furnace will continue to operate whether or not you have power! This could save lives if it is freezing and you are snowed in! Another great plus, is that unlike electric heaters that blow out air below body temperature, a propane furnace blows out at 120 degrees. The propane furnace is on for a shorter amount of time than electric, saving you money! An electric furnace has a shorter life expectancy than a propane furnace as well, which makes it even more economical. Something that many people keep in mind when deciding on what type of furnace they want is if the source of energy is environmentally friendly or not. Propane is extremely environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, power plants that bring electric energy into our homes are one of the top producers of greenhouse gases. So unless you are planning to have solar panels or a wind turbine installed then propane might be the way to go. Getting a propane furnace is a great way to stay warm this winter.


There are many other great propane gifts or accessories to give out this holiday season that would be helpful for the winter! One great one is a generator! If you are choosing to keep your home electric this winter then having a backup propane generator is a great idea! Who doesn’t love to have peace of mind during a cold winter! Another great propane-centric gift idea would be to switch to a propane fireplace. Many people are choosing to do this to make the air in their home cleaner. A propane fireplace starts with a flip of a switch. A wood fireplace creates extra allergens and mess to clean up. It can also be irritating for people who have respiratory problems. Both of these things will help keep you warm in the long winter, whether it is to keep your home powered or to have a nice toasty spot to sit in front of, both are great!


So whether you are looking to switch a few appliances to propane, buy some great propane winter accessories, or you want to switch to powering your whole home with propane, making that change could be a great economical and environmentally friendly choice. For questions about switching to Propane for all of your needs give us a call at CoEnergy Propane.