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 We all rely on farms to keep food on our tables. Farming and agriculture is a cornerstone to our country. But farming can be a risky business that depends on weather conditions and many other factors. It is also very expensive to keep going each year. A few years ago the government implemented a incentive to try using propane fueled equipment on the farm. This slashed fuel costs for irrigation as much as 56%. Now over 80% of American farms use propane. With 900,00 farms in America using propane, what is it that they use it for?

                  One huge thing that was mentioned above is that the costs of irrigation is enormous. Switching to propane helped cut the cost of irrigation by 56% that is a huge amount especially for a small struggling farm. When production costs drop it means that we can all benefit. Workers can even get a higher salary and our food price can be reduced.

                Another important use for propane on the farm is Thermal agriculture, this means that during cold winter months or unexpected conditions propane can be used to keep the crops from freezing. This can be incredibly beneficial and make the thought of growing certain crops year round a possibility. Thermal agriculture is also beneficial because it eliminates pests,  that means that they use heat rather than harmful pesticides on our food to keep insects and bacteria at bay. Thermals agriculture is also used to keep weeds away. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to dry the crops when it’s time to harvest, this makes harvesting go more quickly and effectively. Who knew that using clean-burning propane on farms could make our food safer!

               Some farms grow products that need to be dried or processed before they can be sold. Now, there are industrial dryers that run on propane. Theses dryers help quickly and effectively dry foods that need it. Some food that need to be dried are corn and soy beans, these are both absolutely huge industries in the U.S. The government even gives out incentives to grow a certain amount of these crops on you farm. Another big industry that needs to cure or dry their product is tobacco farmers, this is another huge industry that can benefit from the use of propane on the farm. With the price of propane being so low, the use of propane on a farm is extremely cost effective.

               Propane can also be used with the animals! When chicks are first hatched they are especially vulnerable to the cold. They are extremely tiny so cold weather can overwhelm them quickly. Propane can be used to heat the area where the chicks are brooding and keep them warm and safe. This goes for other animals as well such are pigs, cows, horses, and other such poultry. It can also be used during the winter in large livestock containment areas!

               Not only is propane helpful for certain aspects of running a farm but it can be absolutely vital in emergencies. Not having a  backup generator could completely break a farm financially. Having a propane powered generator is a great choice because it is clean burning and extremely energy efficient. Propane also has many uses in the home on the farm as well. Not only is propane abundantly available here in the United States and is more affordable but it may be the best investment that you could make for your farm and family.