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It’s pretty universal that when we think of comfort we think about a cozy home. The general idea of a cozy home is; somewhere comfortable to sit, a warm drink, and you and your loved ones sitting around a nice warm fire. A fireplace is something that we can all enjoy. But who wants the hassle and the clean up of a fireplace anymore. Since a fireplace is a staple in the American home what are our options really? What is the perfect solution? Our perfect solution is propane powered Fireplace!

Now that you are aware that is an option for your home we also have some very good reasons as to why you would choose to get a propane fireplace!

Less Clean Up

One of the best things about switching to a propane fireplace is less clean up. Think about all the time we spend cleaning up after our fireplace! There is no ashes to cleanup daily. There is no mess leftover from cut wood. No constantly having to sweep the floors around your fireplace and indoor store of wood! Everyone want hates having to clean up messes so we think this is a huge selling point.

Save Your Time

When you really thinks about it there is a lot if time that goes into maintaining a fireplace. Not only do you have to clean it but you also have to deal with the wood. You have to either collect or buy wood. You have to cut the wood. You have to move the wood, generally multiple times. Then you have to feed the fire every little while  Who wants to spend their precious time doing all of this extra work? No one. Switch to the smarter, better choice, Propane fireplaces.

The Ease

As if the other reasons weren’t good enough we have more. As mentioned above, it’s super easy! It literally a flip of a switch! How nice is that?! A beautiful fire immediately every time. No hassle, no fuss. Instant fire! You can have your propane delivered or refilled on a schedule and it’s very little effort. With life always so busy having one thing make it a little easier can make a big difference.


Using a typical fireplace is very dirty as mentioned before. Along with the ash and soot also comes the smoke. If you have anyone with sensitive lungs, like small children or elderly living in your home you might want to consider switching to propane. Also, ash and soot can build up in your HVAC system. Having smoke and ash in your home can contribute to respiratory illnesses and it can weaken the immune system.


We all want to reduce our carbon footprints. Switching to a propane fireplace is one way that you can contribute to the environment. Not only does propane burn very clean but using propane also saves hundreds of trees. We need as many trees as possible to keep our breathing air healthy and keep the environment intact for many animals who call the forest their homes. Propane is also a byproduct so we are using it instead of wasting more. Going Green is something we all strive for and this is one very easy way to do so.

All of these reason are why we think everyone should consider switching to a propane fireplace. Not only is is easy to use, cleaner, and safer but it is greener. If you are ready to take that step and are in need of Propane give us a call at CoEnergy Propane.