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Generators are a great invention and a great investment. Not only do they keep you comfortable but they keep your home functioning. Do you live in a rural area that often loses power then you are no stranger to having to throw out an entire freezers worth of food. Have you ever had a quarter of a cow thaw and go bad? that is a huge lost investment. If this sound familiar then maybe it is time for you to consider getting a generator.

Why are propane generators the best?

That is a very good question and we will tell you exactly why they are the best. Propane is a clean burning “green” fuel, using propane is much more environmentally friendly than using gasoline. Everyone who is even a little environmentally conscious wants to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint! Another great thing about propane is that it is cheaper to buy than gasoline. Everyone likes to save money, and using propane is one great way to do that. Also many propane appliances and vehicles have a much longer “lifespan” than gasoline powered ones. Gasoline powered generators get carbon deposits and are much more expensive to maintain in the long run. This will definitely save you money!

The great thing about propane generators is that you can have them permanently installed (but don’t have to have it permanently installed). You can have your tank put in above ground or below ground. The fact that it is permanently installed means that it will pop on within seconds of losing power. This makes things very convenient and you will feel much less stress knowing that you have a reliable energy source on standby. It is also a huge advantage that propane is accessible during a power outage unlike gasoline out of a gas pump. Something that makes propane superior to gasoline and diesel is the fact that it doesn’t deteriorate in the same way. It lasts a very long time! Knowing that your propane has a long shelf life will help you feel secure and well taken care of.

The fact that propane generators come in multiple sizes is hugely accommodating. You can get a generator for any size home or commercial space that you have! This makes personal buying more efficient as well because you can buy as small of one as you need or as large as you need. Another great thing is that propane generators are generally more quiet than its gasoline counterpart. If you are sensitive to ambient noise then this will be a huge benefit to you!

Propane is a clean burning fuel that doesn’t degrade. Gasoline which has much more emissions and only about a 12 month shelf life. Propane generators are much more sustainable in the long term because propane does not create carbon build up in the tank.

One thing that you should always remember is that when you buy propane you are supporting American business thus keeping jobs in America. When we buy propane we are helping our own economy unlike some other things we might buy. Now that you know all of this information on Propane generators all you have to do is decide which one is right for you!

For all of your propane needs and question call CoEnergy propane, we’ve got you covered!