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At CoEnergy Propane we love to grill with friends and family. Here are some tips on how to avoid or handle common problems you may have with your grill. We sell new propane tanks and can fill your tanks with propane quickly and easily. We offer the lowest propane prices in our area.

To avoid corroded or rusted parts, make sure you keep your grill covered up well with a waterproof grill cover. It is often easy to leave your grill uncovered or dirty after grilling but this will lead to damage over time.  Do an occasional clean up of the internal grill parts and store the grill inside if possible doing the winter or rainy season, though be sure to keep the propane cylinder outside.

If you grill is putting out an excessive amount of heat and burning too hot,  be sure to double check your manual on taking care of grease fires so you know how to handle a grease fire safely.  Make sure to replace any damaged parts your grill might have. Clean the grill thoroughly and replace the grease can. Remove the grill from direct sunlight on the hot days and also when it has been recently filled up.

If any of the gas parts are damaged they could allow gas to escape. A good way to find leaks are by applying a soapy solution to the leaking area. Bubbles will form where the leak is.

A humming sound on your grill is caused by liquid propane passing through the regulator. To fix the problem, have an LP dealer “bleed” the tank of some propane. Another solution could be to have the propane expand in the event the tank was filled in a cold temperature. Replacing the hose or regulator could also solve the problem.