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Companies have started converting their boat motors to run on propane for more efficiency and for a  cleaner planet through environmentally friendly technology.

A huge leader in boat motor technologies is LEHR.  The LEHR family of products utilizes a patented technology, which ensures that they are the cleanest, greenest and most reliable power tools and outboard engines on the market today.

One huge advantage to owning a propane powered motor is that propane doesn’t go bad like ethanol-laced fuel, so it doesn’t need winterization. Harmful emissions are lower, too, with up to 60 percent fewer hydrocarbons, which prevents sooting within the combustion chamber.

Since it’s not a solvent and enters the combustion chamber as a gas, it doesn’t strip the cylinder walls of lubrication, which extends engine durability.

Is propane the new marine fuel? Too early to tell, but it is a real and interesting option, especially for boat owners who don’t use their motors very often or don’t want to deal with the hassles and hazards of gasoline.  

CoEnergy Propane can help you with a vehicle conversion and we find that propane offers some of the greatest fuel capability and in most cases works as well if not better than gasoline. We look forward to seeing you at CoEnergy Propane to check out our propane products. We have the lowest propane prices and we are a locally owned business.