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Food Truck Frenzy

We live in Oregon right? People think of a lot of stuff when they think about Oregon and one of those things is the extreme abundance of food trucks! Food trucks are so much fun! It is awesome that there are so many different types of food available prepared in a truck! But how is it soo successfully done? One of the reasons we believe that they are so successful is that many of they are powered, at least partially, by propane.

You may ask, “what might a food truck use propane for?” That is a great question with an easy answer! They use it for all sorts of things! One thing that a food truck might use propane for is to power their cooking sources. This could be an stove or oven or even other cooking/heating appliances! Obviously, the cooking station is a key part of the food truck if they want to cook food!

Something else that propane might be used for on a food truck is the refrigeration system! Some trucks also have other cooling systems, such as freezers, ice makers, or ice cream machines! These can all be powered by propane.

So basically everything about a food truck can be run on propane. I mean literally all the electricity as well. Even some are switching to propane powered vehicles rather than gasoline powered. The reason they are doing this is because propane is cheaper than gasoline, they run much cleaner, and they have engines that last longer.

We feel like the food truck industry is really making a great choice by switching to propane for their vehicles and other accessories! Because the food truck industry is such a huge support of Propane we want to support them as well so here is a list of different food trucks and food truck hangouts that you can go and enjoy an array of food at.

Grindz Hawaiian Food Truck

1950 14th Ave SE
Albany, Oregon 97322
Tuesday thru Saturday 11am-3pm

Little Food Gypsy​

Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 8 pm
5325 Denver St. SE
Turner, OR 97392
(971) 599-3287

Beehive Station Food Trucks

This is a spot that has a collection of several different food trucks in one place! Some of the trucks include Mediterranean food, Mexican food, BBQ, Thai, Japanese etc.

They also have a taphouse on site!

5669 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97306

Mon-Sun 11am-7pm

The Yard Food Park

This is a new addition to Salem but has quickly won the hearts of many. It has indoor and out seating, children’s play areas, clean bathrooms, a full bar and many food trucks to choose from!

4106 State St,

Salem, OR 97301
Mon-Thurs 7am-10pm

Fri-Sat 7am-11pm

Sunday 7am-9pm

Food Carts @ The Yard:
Will Ya Look At That?! (Healthy Cuisine; Locally Focused)
Bulletproof Meals (Healthy & Goal-Friendly Cuisine)
Father Hen’s Texas BBQ
Homegrown Grub (Comfort Food)
Bite Me Foods (Locally Sourced Comfort Food)
Yolanda’s Tamales (Tamales, Pozole, and More)
Jasmine Flower Thai Kitchen (Thai Food)
Paco’s Mexican Food
Northfresh Sushi
Spicee Bite (Authentic Indian Cuisine)
Cadillac Grille (Burgers and Snacks)
Bobablastic (Boba Teas, Hot Dogs, Salads, and More!)
Gyropoulos (Gyros & Mediterranean Food)
The Manila Fiesta (Filipino Food)
Street Sweets (Desserts)
Ma’s Funnel Cakes (Funnel Cakes and So Much More!)
C.R. Snells Custom Pizza


Happening space where specialty food carts dish up burgers shaved ice & other international chow.

It have 32 food trucks to choose from! WIFI, ATM, indoor ADA bathrooms, Blue Room Bar. Family, bike, & pet friendly, Open daily – each cart keeps their own hours – 2 for breakfast , most open for lunch and dinner (8-9 pm.) Cuisine: American (Voodoo Doughnuts, Wild North, Rock House Grill, Cheese Steak Nirvana), Hispanic (Brother Express, Mis Abuelos), Salvadorean (La Miguelena Pupuseria), Indian (Best Taste of India), Japanese (Teppanyaki Hut), Chinese (Bamboo Cafe) Thai (Anything else?Thai Mango), Laotian (Kesone), Comfort food (BakedN’Boned, Ms Ts), Breakfast (Puddletown Bagels, Pancake Underground, Bees Cakes) Gyros.

SE 82nd Ave,

Portland, OR 97266
Monday 7am-9pm

Tuesday-Friday 7am-10pm

Saturday 8am-10pm

Sunday 8am-9pm

We at CoEnergy Propane hope that you go out and enjoy some delicious food! For all you propane needs and questions call us at CoEnergy Propane!