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Get Ready for Summer: Camping

We are already into the end of April and Summertime will be here sooner than we know it. We might all love Spring here in Oregon but we are definitely looking forward to the warm days and fun nights of Summer. One thing to look forward to during Summer is all of the amazing recreational activities that we get to do during that time!

One of the things that we all look forward is spending more time outside and in the sun! We all need some good Old Vitamin D after a long Winter! We are going to do a series of great ways to spend time outside! Today we are talking about camping!

Camping is for sure a favorite around here. With the beauty surrounding in the Willamette Valley, and really, all throughout Oregon spending a few days or a few weeks out on nature is just so incredibly tempting! But how do we use propane when camping? There are so many ways!

One great use for propane while camping is using it on your camping stove stove! That way you have the benefits of cooking a hot meal on a stove without having to build a fire. Plus, cooking with a propane stove is a lot more predictable than cooking on a fire. Another great use for Propane on a camping trip is to use an outside area heater on a cold night! There are also fairly small propane fireplaces that are great for ambience and heat!!

Did you know that a lot of RVs use propane? Surprisingly, they do! Propane systems in an RV gives them hot water, heat, power, refrigeration, stove and much much more! Propane is amazingly versatile! Sometimes RV use portable moveable tanks and sometime they have permanently installed ones. It also depends on if it’s a motor home, fifth wheel, travel trailers ect. on how the tank will be used.

There is also something called a tent heater. When on the coldest nights of camping a propane tent heater will keep your family nice and toasty! Some people love to camp all year long, including in the snow! Having a nice portable propane heater cool be really beneficial for winter camping! Remember to always look for heaters with safety features like accidental tip-over shutoff, push-button ignition and oxygen depletion sensors. Always think, safety first!

Can you imagine having a nice hot shower when you are camping out in the boonies? Well now that’s a possibility with propane portable showers! Get a nice warm shower way out in the middle of nowhere. You can also just have hot water using the same unit for doing dishes, cooking, making tea, ect. This is an amazing use of propane while camping.

Propane seriously makes camping luxurious! So you can have some of the comforts of home while at the same time roughing it, or semi-roughing it with propane. So propane can help you have a hot cooked while camping, it can give you a nice hot shower and hot water, it can keep your tent or hang out space warm with tent or an outdoor space heater.

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