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Get Ready for Summer: Gardening

We are all so excited for summer! There are so many things to look forward to during the summer! We all love the activities that warmer weather has to offer. Whether you are a swimmer, hiker, a cook, or just a outdoors enthusiast we all look forward to being able to spend some time in the sun soaking up the Rays. One amazing thing that people love to do in the Summer is gardening! Not Only Is it a great hobby but there are so many benefits for gardening! You grow your own veggies, spend time in the sun, get your hands in the dirt,etc. Most people don’t know that you can actually use propane in several ways in your garden!

One propane powered gardening accessory is a weed whacker! It’s really an essential in any garden especially if you don’t have the time to pull all of those weeds. Not only is a propane powered weed whacker easy to use and lightweight but unlike it gasoline counterpart it burns clean. And similarly you won’t have pull a heavy cord if it’s an electric weed whacker! The great thing about propane appliances is that their engines generally last longer!

Have you ever hear of a weed burner? It is an amazing way to get rid of pesky weeds in your garden as an alternative to pulling, whacking, or poisoning! This is such an easy, and pesticide free way to keep your garden weed free. Pesticides are not only hazardous to pesky bugs but they are also harmful to bees. We need bees to keep all of our fruits and vegetables growing! Bees are our pollinators and we definitely need to keep them around. Most peoples are also leaning towards avoiding pesticides and eating organic foods. It is unclear how much pesticides affect humans.

Another great way to use propane in your garden is something called Thermal agriculture. Using thermal agriculture allows you to heat as a way to keep pests out of your garden. Thermal agriculture also allows for you to be able to grow fruits and vegetables all year long! If you are growing something that needs to be dried later such as corn then thermal agriculture assists in this process.

There are several other gardening and yard tools that are powered by propane! One essential yard tool that runs on propane is a lawn mower. Most people don’t even know that there is such a thing! By the way, they even make propane powered riding lawn mowers! If you hate spending a ton of time racking up all of your leaves then it’s time for you to buy yourself a propane powered leaf blower. This is a great way to clean up your yard of leaves, grass clippings or other yard debris. They also make hedge trimmers that are powered by propane. That makes trimming the hedges super easy and you can have peace if mind knowing that you are using a clean burning fuel.

All of these appliances have a longer life than their electric or gas powered counterparts. So not only are  you burning clean fuel but you are buying equipment less often. Buying propane is cheaper than gasoline. If you  are interested in switching to propane feel free to call CoEnergy Propane with any questions!