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As you know by know we carry propane products of all different kinds. CoEnergy Propane wants to make your life easier by not only taking care of your propane delivery, we check lines inside the house, convert appliances, vehicles and much more. 

You need a propane company that knows you and the community it serves. When you have a concern, question or need, you want a local company that will respond quickly. With CoEnergy Propane  you’ll benefit from the many advantages we offer as a full-service propane company. Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes a difference.

Here are some products you should look into to be sure you get the most out of your propane experience. There are propane accessories for things that probably hadn’t even considered. 

Outdoor Products

As a propane dealer since 2001, CoEnergy Propane carries some of the best outdoor products in the industry. Some of the more popular items are our gas grills. We carry different brands with many styles and prices to choose from.

RV and Home

We carry a large selection of parts and accessories for any application including hoses, torches, fittings, and regulators. We also carry several different kinds of propane powered appliances like refrigerators and more. You can make your home run more efficiently with propane.

Indoor Products

CoEnergy Propane has been selling propane products since we first opened. Visit our showroom in Albany or Redmond Oregon to see the different products we carry. We can fill your propane tanks and sell you new cylinders to replace your old or rusted ones.