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We all love our propane, especially because it can be used for so many things. Many of us are switching to more propane appliances. The fact is that they are cheaper to run than other fuel sources. It is important to keep in mind that certain safety precautions, like anything else, need to be learned surrounding propane. There are certain precautions that are more specific to cold weather, we will lay some of those precautions out for you in this blog.

Safety first

Propane has many safety precautions in and of itself. The smell that you smell from propane is actually added to it, propane is naturally colorless and odorless. They also have safety valves on every tank. That being said, if you ever smell what you think is a propane leak then you need put out any open flames you have going, leave the area, and call 911 immediately. Another smart idea is to educate yourself on what carbon monoxide poisoning looks like. It is also important to have carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, at least one on each level. These are some ways that you can stay safe.

Keep it checked

It is important to have your tanks serviced and inspected regularly to help prevent any mishaps or dangerous situations. If you have been noticing that things aren’t working correctly, or just seem different it is important to have it inspected. If you can see any type of damage or your supply is interrupted when it shouldn’t be then call your supplier to come out and help. It is very important to always keep your tanks in good working order to maintain safety.


Some people seem to think that it is safe to bring in and use outside propane appliances into their home. It is absolutely NOT safe to do this.  Outside propane appliances were not designed to be safe indoors. All outside propane appliances need to stay outdoors, this includes your outside tanks. Do not store them inside, nor in your car for long periods of time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on all appliances. Also, for some reason people have tried to use propane torches to unfreeze their pipes. This is not a good choice and should not be done. So remember to keep your outdoors appliances outdoors!

Safety During a Storm

If you are expecting a big storm in your area and you rely on propane there there are some thing that you can do to keep you home comfortable and warm during this time. Any way to prepare is to get your tank filled, if it is winter time you really don’t want to unexpectedly run out of propane because you weren’t thinking about it. Another Thing you can do is to use your propane wisely, you never know how long a bad storm might last. We are probably going to be getting some snow within the next two months here and you want to have enough to get you through at least a few days of a winter storm.

If you develop ice on your propane pipes you can use a broom to knock the ice off. Remember if you do end up smelling propane to call 911 and not go back into the house until it has been cleared by the proper authorities.

If you love using propane it is always important to keep in mind what you need to do for safety. However, there are just as many safety concerns when it comes to using natural gas. So if you are considering switching to propane don’t let this intimidate you! Propane is extremely safe to use and you will save so much money in the long term by switching to Propane. For more information give CoEnergy Propane a call!