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Are propane powered school busses the future? There are many advantages to using this alternative fuel source for something as important and widespread as transportation to school. School busses need an update, and here is how.

Propane is a great alternate fuel source as it is available in most areas, including rural areas. It can also be a cheaper fuel option depending on the area. Propane also reduces emissions and can begin a change in the right direction environmentally for schools while also helping them financially. In a study done by Texas schools who switched their whole fleets to propane, all saved significant amounts of money (

There are a few ways to update your fleet. You can convert diesel engine to a propane engine. There are several places that will do this. If you are looking at converting, you can also look into a dual fuel conversion. This will allow for the vehicle to use diesel or propane. This can be useful if you are concerned about finding fuel up stations for busses on field trips or away games.

If it is time to buy new busses anyway, you can just update to new propane powered busses. This is the best way to ensure efficiency, since these vehicles are already designed for these engines and made to get the most out of them.

If you are looking to make a switch to propane, talk with Co-energy. We can help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.