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Propane gas, although highly flammable, is safe to use as long as all the necessary safety precautions are taken. it is important that you make sure your propane is transported and used properly.

Tip 1: Proper Use of Propane Tanks

Every time you use a new propane tank, check for leaks immediately. A good way to test for leaks is by using a soapy water mixture to see if any bubble form on the tubing or tank. Never try to patch a leaky rubber tubing yourself. Purchase a replacement. Always place your propane tank in an area where there is good ventilation. Always turn off your propane tank after you are done using it and check that the seal is tight.

Tip 2: Storing your propane tank

Always store your propane tank outdoors. Never store your propane tanks in enclosed spaces, such as your garage or your basement. Always store the propane tank in an upright position and away from any source of heat and direct sunlight. If you are using a propane tank that has been stored for a long time, always check for signs of wear and tear on the rubber tubing that connects the propane tank to your household appliances. Replace your tank if its worn or rusted. We have a wide variety tanks at Coenergy Propane.

Tip 3: Proper Way to Transport a Propane Tank

You should transport a propane tank in standing position. Secure the propane tank with a rope. Do not use a metal chain to secure the propane tank. Metal hitting metal can produce a spark which could be disastrous if your propane tank is leaking. Keep your windows open when you have the tank in your car as a safety measure. Be sure to check the valve is closed tightly before transporting.