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CoEnergy Propane provides many agricultural operations with propane for heating barns, powering pumps and generators, fueling trucks and other farm vehicles, protecting frost-sensitive crops with propane heaters and drying crops. All of our propane services are designed to help you boost productivity and protect crops. Propane powers generators and combines heats brooding houses controls pests and dries crops, all in a clean, reliable way. With the millions being investing in new technology, propane is taking on new jobs – like improved flame cultivation to control weeds without harming the environment.

What makes propane the smart energy choice on the farm? The National Propane Gas Association Propane Council cites a few of these reasons:

  • Propane is Reliable and Portable – When storms knock out electricity, propane works when and where other energy sources cannot.
  • Propane is Clean-Burning – Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, propane exhaust is significantly less polluting than gasoline or diesel.
  • Propane is Cost-Effective – Ninety percent of propane drawn from tanks is converted to energy, reducing costs and waste.
  • Propane is Available – Propane retailers are located all over the United States in areas both on and off the natural gas main or electric grid.