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Spring is here and we are happy about it at CoEnergy Propane. We look forward to seeing you in at CoEnergy Propane for propane supplies and getting your tanks filled up and ready for your grills. Happy Spring from CoEnergy Propane.

Get Outside! Do what you’d normally do, but outside. Drape a blanket over the grass, and read, play, study, or talk, and you can enjoy spring, too. Take advantage of the sun and try to get outside and enjoy it like an extension of your home. Read our blog on patio ideas to get some ideas on how to create an outdoor space that makes you love to be outside!

Cultivate a little garden. Spring is the perfect time to start planting your garden and get it all ready for a bountiful summer harvest. You can make a small garden bed or just use a few pots to plant a herb garden or some lettuce.

Visit your local farmers market as a family, and make this a weekly ritual. Supporting your local farmers is a way to give back to your community and a way to eat fresh in season foods that are in your area.

Visit a local tulip farm or festival. Tulips are in full bloom right now and a great way to see them is by visiting a local tulip farm. This is a fun way to enjoy spring and get outside.

Come to CoEnergy Propane and get the grill you have always wanted to get this spring. Having a propane grill is both more convenient and quicker than the alternatives. We have wide variety of grills for your choosing.