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Propane is a powerful tool, and if not treated properly can be harmful, especially to children. There are many ways to make sure you are being safe and careful with your propane to ensure everyone is out of harm’s way.

The first and most important step is how you store your propane. Propane should be stored outside in well ventilated areas to ensure there is no harmful gas buildup. Stay away from storing tanks in living spaces. Storing tanks in areas that don’t experience extreme temperatures is also necessary for safety. Keep tanks out or reach of children.

Teach children not to play with propane tanks. It is easy to see how they could be enticing as a toy to a kid. However, for safety and to reduce damage of the tank itself, it’s best if children play elsewhere. Talk to kids about avoiding propane tanks and that they are not for playing on.

Along those lines, talk to children about how to handle materials like propane. For example, teach children to:
-alert an adult if they smell propane (tell them propane smells similar to a skunk)
-let adults know if they see propane tanks in the house
-stay clear of and give space to propane tanks
-let adults handle propane tanks when they need to be used
-teach children how propane is used properly

It is a simple process to keep children out of harm’s way when it comes to propane. All you need are a few ground rules and responsible habits. Propane is an efficient and helpful fuel, make sure you use it correctly!