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When we think about propane we usually think of a delicious burger or a well cooked steak. However, propane is actually used for many things! Things that we would never think about. It is also extremely environmentally friendly and cost effective. Maybe after reading its many uses you will consider switching to propane for many appliances!

Stovetop and Oven– Surprisingly there are ovens that run on propane for the home, the benefits of using propane for your oven is that it is cost-effective, it have been proven to be much cheaper than an electric oven. The fact that you have instant flames rather than waiting for your burner to slowly warm up makes cooking a quick meal a breeze. Your food is likely to cook more evenly as well. It is also safe to have around children because the burners will cool down much more quickly. Propane ovens are now made in all the latest designs. So for great precise cooking at a cheaper price consider buying a propane stove.

Fireplaces– Switching to a propane fireplace over a wood burning one is an excellent choice for your family. Not only is it easy to use, with this the flip of a switch but it is also cleaner burning. If you have children, elderly, or people with respiratory problems in your home it could be a really good healthy switch for them. Burning wood in the home can cause a lot of extra allergens. Not to mention having to deal with  the mess of cleaning out a fireplace! This is one good reason to switch to a propane fireplace!

Water heater– There are so many reasons to switch to a propane water heater! One of the main reasons, of course, is to save you a bundle of money. It can save you as much as 20% of annual costs of heating the water in your home, a tankless water heater gives you hot water when you need it therefore  you are not wasting money keeping and entire tank of water heated. The components on a propane water heater actually last longer than a traditional or electric water heater Propane water heaters also need less space than traditional water heaters. One great thing is that you are able to more accurately adjust the water heat, this is great feature for a home with small children!

Furnaces– The Us Department of Energy says that using a Propane furnace over an Electric will cut as much as  half of the price. Another plus, is that unlike electric heaters that blow out air below body temperature, a propane furnace blows out at 120 degrees  Fahrenheit. So the furnace is on for a short amount of time, saving you money! A huge plus is that if you live in an area that gets a lot of power outages then a propane furnace will continue to keep your home heated. A propane furnace also lasts longer than an electric furnace. If this doesn’t sell you on propane I don’t know what will!

Other uses for Propane– Another use for propane is generators, these will keep your home powered during a power outage. They all make extremely efficient propane dryers that will quickly dry your quickly and more gently than an electric dryer. They also make propane spa and pool heaters. And for chilly summer evening or cold winter days you can get a propane patio heater! There are also many gardening and yard tools that can run on propane! You can use it to grill, in your RV, for your hobbies…. The list really goes on and on.

Whether you are using propane to grill a burger or using it to keep your family safe and warm during a snowed in power outage it is a helpful and clean source of heat! You can use it sometimes or you can use it every single day, either way it’s a great environmental and economical choice!