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We love to spend time in our outdoor space and your yard can easily become an extension of your home and living space. Here are a few tips to make your outdoor space ready for summer. 

1. Eat outdoors. Whether you have a gourmet outdoor kitchen or just a simple grill, there’s nothing like the taste of food cooked outside.  It’s an added bonus when you can also eat outside too. Get in the habit of enjoying family dinners outside instead of heating up the kitchen.  

2. Add some color. Filling your yard with colorful and fragrant flowers and bushes can really add to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. you can also purchase yard decorations, bright pillows and patio furniture to make the space pop.  You can fill beds with beautiful plantings, or if you just want to add a touch of color here and there, simply head to your local nursery or home improvement store for planters that are already filled.  All you need to do with those is place them where you want them and don’t forget to water them!

3. Build a patio or deck. Don’t have enough useable space to really enjoy your backyard? Consider installing a new patio or deck. There are plenty of materials to choose from and these structures can be built in just about any shape or size to meet your needs.

4. Add some water. Water is so relaxing to listen to, adding a water feature to your yard adds peace and tranquility. 

5. Stay warm. Adding a patio heater to your patio makes it that much more enticing to stay outside late. We offer a variety of different patio heaters and propane tanks. Come pick one out today.