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Many mobile homes use propane as a fuel source for things like heating water and kitchens. We think propane is the best option for this. Here are some things you need to know about how to use propane with your mobile home.

Keep your tank filled. There are several different kinds of tanks that can be a part of your motorhome, and all can be filled at propane companies, some gas stations and truck stops, and other places. Making sure your propane tanks are filled as much as possible is important to make sure you’re safe and don’t get caught without fuel when you need it.

Propane is an ideal fuel source to use with your RV if you plan on being close to fuel sources frequently and do not want to invest in a whole new system to handle different fuels like gas or solar. Many propane mechanisms are stand alone and cheaper than changing the guts of your mobile home. 

Installing solar requires a whole new set up. Along with an inverter, panels, and additional wiring, solar takes a bit of money to initially install, but may cost less in the long run, especially if you plan to boondock frequently. Basically, you need to consider your lifestyle, and your RVing plans to determine what the best option is for you.

Propane is also good for cooking and grilling because it will give you a clean burn without adding any flavors to your meal. It is easy to find and a cost effective option to other fuel sources typically used in grilling.

If you are going to use propane in your mobile home, make sure you are taking proper safety precautions. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector, propane leak detector, and a smoke detector. These will help give you peace of mind and possibly save your life in the future. Remember that propane leaks are not normal and should be dealt with. You will be able to smell a rotten egg scent that is added to propane so it is detectable.

Another way to stay safe is to not use propane while driving. You do not need to be using propane powered utilities while you are on the go, and it will be less risky if you are driving with all your propane turned off. It is recommended and sometimes required to shut propane valves before hitting the road. Just turn off the main source before you get going.

If you need help getting ready for your trip, let Coenergy help you. We can help you fuel up and get you the right tools to keep you happy and safe on the road.