This winter will feel like it is extended for those living from the northern Plains to the eastern U.S., as cold and snowy conditions stretch into spring 2017

With a record cold winter in Oregon all over, many places have been covered in snow for many weeks or even months. Temperatures have been low and our customers have been needing their propane as much as ever.

CoEnergy Propane has stores in Albany and Redmond. We also deliver all over Oregon. During the cold snap our trucks didn’t stop. Coenergy Propane continued to deliver propane to all of our  customers that need refills on their tanks.

We have customers that have whole home propane heating and appliances and customers that have propane for their agricultural purposes. Coenergy looks forward to serving our customers with the propane services that are right for them.

If you need a portable heating solution that can be used in or outdoors, you should consider purchasing a propane heater. These kinds of space heaters are highly popular amongst those who need portability with their heating solutions, or for times where is not convenient to place the heater near an electrical source. Whether you need a heater for your patio, a way of warming an outdoor porch or if you want to add heat in your garage or warehouse, you can find the perfect solution amongst the wide range of propane heaters that are available on the market today.

Come into CoEnergy Propane for all the propane accessories that you need. We have a great selection for you.