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We offer agricultural, residential and commercial services to meet all your propane needs.

Agricultural Services

Propane runs generators and combines, heats brooding houses, controls pests and dries crops, all in a clean, reliable way.

Residential Services

Residential accounts have two types of services to choose from. One is the “traditional service” – pay at delivery. We also offer our “metered service” – pay for only what you use during the month.

Traditional Service

For those who prefer to pay at the time the tank is filled, we offer the same traditional service as other propane service companies.

Metered Propane Service

Avoid large, expensive bills with infrequent tank fill-ups. Try our monthly metered service. Using our metered propane service, you can easily monitor your propane use and pay for only what you use during the month.

Commercial Services

Commercial accounts can be setup for several different types of business. We can set a tank for reseller dispensers, forklift accounts, farms, construction heat & many more.

We also offer:

  • Fixed annual price schedule.
  • Competitive tank set package pricing.
  • Propane system safety check through the “Gas Check” Program.
  • Above ground and underground tank installation.
  • Multi-metered service for apartments, condominiums, or mother-in law suites.
  • Propane fuel for construction heat, forklifts, ag. Burners, etc.
  • Computerized scheduling of fuel delivery.
  • 24 hour emergency service.