Propane for Your Farm

Clean, reliable, efficient.

Harness the power of propane for your farm operations

Over 80% of American farms trust propane to help run their day-to-day operations.

Powering from farm to field

Reduce your dependence on the electric grid and ensure your farm operations run uninterrupted with propane. Propane is accessible to even the most rural farms. Propane’s properties are super-stable, so it can be stored well all year long without degrading. And because it’s clean-burning and less expensive than gas, you can heat your buildings and run your machinery with reduced maintenance costs. From heating your greenhouses and weed control to drying, storing, processing – propane’s versatility on the farm has you covered. And so do we. 

  • Lower Costs Propane equipment is built for efficiency, so it can lower your fuel costs for nearly every application, from irrigation to heating.
  • Fuel Efficiency Propane is proven to produce fewer emissions compared with diesel or gasoline models, helping you meet the strictest emissions goals.
  • Reliable Power Propane is an abundant, stable energy source that isn’t affected by interruptions to the electric grid, no matter the season.
  • Proven Performance Nearly 40% of American farms trust propane as a reliable energy source for their operations.


Irrigation can easily be the largest energy-consumption operation on your farm, it is also one of the most vital operations. Using propane to power your irrigation systems can easily reduce one of your largest expenses and provide an uninterrupted fuel source to ensure your crops thrive.

Frost Protection

Warming the air even a few degrees can be the difference between a healthy crop or devastation. The portability, cost effectiveness and environmental benefits of propane-fueled heaters allow you to better protect your crops from cold-weather damage.

Storage and Processing

Remove moisture from your crop or heat your storage silos, barnes and facilities more efficiently with propane. Propane gives you increased flexibility – easily add a dryer or move to a more optimal location with no dependency on the grid.

Animal Care

Propane is especially good at heating farm buildings and depending on your layout, provides flexibility on which heating device you choose. Propane is a low-emitting alternative fuel source, making it one of the healthiest sources of energy for you and livestock.

Water Heating

Keeping a farm clean and comfortable requires large amounts of hot water. Propane water heaters have a higher efficiency rating than electric, meaning you save money and time when using propane.

Flame Tilling

Flame tilling has increased in popularity over the last decade as a popular method for organic and non-GMO certified farms. It is also one of the most effective uses for eradicating weeds from your row crops and fields.


Even brief power outages can create costly interruptions in your production. Standby and backup propane generators is an ideal emergency energy source as propane will not degrade over time, allowing you to focus on running the farm.