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CoEnergy Propane has been serving our community since 2001, delivering the efficiency and reliability of propane to you when and where you need it. Join more than 60 million Americans who trust propane to heat and power their homes and run their businesses.

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We are a part of a member-owned co-op. Our sole business is to help our customers thrive in our great community of Central Oregon, the Willamette Valley, and the Oregon Coast. Our dedicated team is here for you.

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CoEnergy Propane is a part of Oregon member-owned co-ops.

It is our sole business to help our customers thrive in communities spanning the state, from Central Oregon, to the Willamette Valley, to the Oregon Coast. Our dedicated team is here for you.

Off-Grid Living with Propane Generators

August 26, 2021

Whether you’re living off-grid by choice or by chance, backup power is more important than ever, given the number of people who like to generate their own alternative power plus the spike in extreme weather events in the last decade. Propane is the cleanest, greenest fuel for off-grid living needs. For those living on solar…

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Propane Appliances Save Energy and Money

Propane Appliances Save Energy and Money

July 19, 2021

Upgrading your appliances to propane has so many great benefits. In addition to propane being a greener alternative to natural gas or electricity, energy-efficient propane can save energy, and save you money. Home heating units powered by propane last about twice as long as units that run on electricity (20 years vs. 10 years, in…

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