Outdoor Living

Bring cozy comfort to your outdoor patio

Set the mood with utility and efficiency

We know how enjoyable it is to sit on the back deck with family and friends enjoying a burger or relaxing in a hot tub under the stars. When we get back to socializing with friends and family, extend your gatherings by creating a warm and inviting space in your backyard by using propane appliances and accessories.

Bring the hearth outside

Propane heaters and fireplaces are a great way for your guests to enjoy the brisk air outdoors while keeping their hands and toes toasty. Create a propane powered fireplace as a focal gathering place to enjoy hot drinks and holiday weather.


Let the festivities continue well past sunset

Keep the family outdoors longer. Relax in your yard under the warm light and ambiance of propane torches. Or you can use a small propane powered generator to run electric lights.


Heat the tub faster

Whether for you or guests, pools and hot tubs are a valued asset to your home. Whether your pool is In-ground or free-standing, propane costs less to operate and heats more efficiently than electric. You won’t need to wait for hours to get into a warm hot tub, pool, or spa. Ensure your family and guests enjoy the soak without breaking the bank.


Grill outside no matter the weather

Don’t heat up the house by cooking inside in the summer temperatures. With propane, you can keep your house cool and take the meal outside. Conserve electricity in the kitchen, and you won’t need to rely as much on your air conditioner.

Pro Tip

Did you know that you can use your grill just like an oven?

Most models of propane grills have a built in thermometer to tell you the internal temperature. Use your cast iron pots and pans on your grill to cook your food perfectly every time.