Power Your Home with Propane

Have grid independence and a power backup for peace of mind

Peace of mind the power will stay on

If you live remote, you may experience frequent power outages, or you may simply want energy independence. Be assured that your home will be powered quickly and efficiently with a generator. Keep the candlesticks in the hutch and enjoy the knowledge that the lights will stay on.

Propane versus gasoline generators

Propane is a clean burning, green fuel. This means it’s both environmentally friendly and less expensive than using gasoline. Generators fueled by propane can last longer than gasoline as gas appliances build up carbon deposits making them harder to maintain. Unlike gasoline and diesel, propane doesn’t deteriorate. Knowing that your propane has a longer shelf life means you spend less time worrying about refilling and more time getting on with your life.


Energy independence

The electric grid can be vulnerable to storms, fires and other disruptions. Whether you want to live fully independent of the grid or have a reliable backup source of power, we can help.

Propane is produced, stored and shipped, and delivered everywhere in the USA, so when you use propane, you are supporting American businesses and keeping jobs at home. When you buy propane, you help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help strengthen our own economy.