Whether you’re living off-grid by choice or by chance, backup power is more important than ever, given the number of people who like to generate their own alternative power plus the spike in extreme weather events in the last decade. Propane is the cleanest, greenest fuel for off-grid living needs. For those living on solar or hybrid systems, electrical appliances are simply not an option, so propane becomes your primary source for cooking, refrigeration, clothes drying, heat, water heating. Propane can power a wide variety of home appliances designed for propane compatibility, including propane water heaters that can help off-the-gridders minimize their hot water costs, and propane is an extremely dependable fuel source for keeping a home warm.

Having a good generator is essential to an off-grid lifestyle, and for providing seamless backup power. Even though the initial costs of propane may be higher, the lower maintenance costs, and the durability of propane generators with diesel-like efficiencies, provide a comparable levelized cost of electricity, and are better for the environment.

Propane Generator Pros:

  • Long shelf life-unlike gasoline and diesel, propane doesn’t deteriorate
  • Clean burning, green fuel
  • Stores cleaner
  • Generators fueled by propane can last longer than gasoline because gas appliances build up carbon deposits making them harder to maintain
  • Easily stored in both large tanks or in smaller 5 – 10 gallon cylinders
  • Propane generators typically have a quieter engine noise than the others

It’s always important to be considerate of your neighbors and the local air-quality and noise-control regulations when running generators. Propane makes it possible for many people to go off the grid quietly and comfortably. Whether you want to live fully independent of the grid or have a reliable backup source of power, gaining seamless, clean, and dependable energy-we can help. Contact CoEnergy today!